West Yorkshire-based Rath Trombones, the UK’s only trombone manufacturer, is about to entered folks export market.

The company has appointed Chamber International’s China affairs associate, Matthew Grandage, to help you achieve better familiarity with Chinese business culture.

Rath Trombones have sold instruments to 25 countries, and possess dealers in the us, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Its total sales are comprised of in excess of 60% export.

Founder Mick Rath said: “The trombone companies are fairly small and discovered export to help keep growing. We simply cannot rely on the british isles alone to sustain business and exporting enables us to consider selling point of fluctuating economies and exchange rates.

“We’ve been looking for into China, a sizable and increasingly wealthy market with higher arts funding, for years.

“However, a lack of understanding of Chinese business culture, which can be totally different to ours, is holding us back.

“Matthew Grandage is assisting me see why and, if it enables us to market there, it could trigger an added 25% sales growth. We could end up exporting 75% of our own products.”


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