The Takoradi Branch on the SSNIT Pensioners’ Association with the Central Regional Branch have unanimously called to the National Executives businesses usual Cedis deduction within the Pension Mutual Scheme.

 The members claimed it ended up being four solid a great deal of the implementation for this scheme without the commiserate benefits to them.

“There a variety of our members which have not received their PMS cards within the last four years should the scheme was purported to have got off, meanwhile hospitals always reject the a smattering of us have been issued with one of these PMS cards”.

Mr George Francis Daniels Takoradi Branch Chairman said this during a conference in Takoradi.

The members described the scheme as a total failure, cannot fulfill the health needs of members aside wrong representation of your bio data from the group.

“It is surprising that the National and Regional officers have turn a deaf ear  to satisfy our get withdrawal with hostility-so many letters have already been sent but no national executive is now to answer our needs-we turn to the nation’s officers to avoid our deductions and refund same”, he added.

They aggrieved members were disgusted with the behaviour from the national executive for unable to abide by the directive of the National Pensions Regulatory Authority in locating amicably solution to the matter.

“We’re from this press conference serving a notice, we’re prepared to wash our dirty linen in public areas, we’re also serving our policy that failure to follow our legitimate request, and then we can be compelled to consider any legal method for retrieve our monies”.

On the Associations’ Constitution, the target audience was not happy in regards to the amendment clandestinely made by the existing executives grant their tenure of office.

Mr Andrew Kobina Haizel, Chairman of your Central Region Branch said under the surface amendment of your constitution was to cover up their evil deeds regarding financial misappropriation.

He further alleged which the national executives appointed their own personal delegates for national conferences without recourse to branch or regional executives which their constitution frowned upon.

There are restrictive provisions according of the way part of the association can qualify to contest for national or regional offices -we demand a review at once.

Mr Haizel said the nation’s executives knowing exceptionally well of their total act of misappropriation along with ill behaviours had managed to executed an Article while in the new constitution intended to indemnify themselves to extend their tenure of office.

 In accordance with the Central Regional Chairman, the national executives’ paid themselves huge sums of allowances along with through the years never are the reason for the special support fund the SSNIT gave to compliment their annual conferences.

“Our account is set in a sorry state, its sad and pathetic that any number of old both males and females in the role of executives could behave with this manner-in fact our account is flawed with all of types of questionable transactions only intended to cover their deeds”, he added.

“We are going to bust out and form a new association should the necessary solutions is not received”.

On annual increment, the pensioners’ appealed to SSNIT along with the NPRA to mitigate their plight by granting additional 5 % towards SSNIT pensioner at mid-year.

Currently, the minimum wage of a pensioner is GH


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