A government of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) would streamline the National Medical insurance Scheme (NHIS) making it run efficiently.

Mr. Lawrence Appiah, the Ashanti Regional Chairman, said their email list of diseases taught in insurance would also be expanded to really make the scheme good to large percentage of population.

Speaking into the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Kumasi, he hinted of subsidizing insurance premium paid by individuals in rural and deprived communities

Again, an Nduom-led government would you must do everything to eliminate delays in the reimbursement of care providers, he stated, adding that, it may well bring conclusion on the chronic repayment delays, crippling the entire process of the facilities.

Mr. Appiah noted the people could only become economically productive when they were healthy.

It was that is why that promoting admission to quality medical care could be made a key pillar of the nation’s development agenda.

He also promised the provision of extra ambulances and also other vital logistics to the facilities to aid effective reply to medical emergencies to save lives.

There could be substantial surge in Community-based Health and Planning Services (CHPS) compounds, he added.

Mr. Appiah said the PPP had well-thought out policies alter the lives of Ghanaians and drawn voters to present their votes towards the party during the coming election.


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