A Sheffield manufacturer of folding patio doors is targeting 5 million turnover this year after launching the company just a couple of years ago.

Panoramic Doors commenced in Carlisle Street in Sheffield before moving into a 20,000 feet square facility within the side metropolis during early 2016.

The alteration to larger premises was backed with a 50,000 business loan from Finance Yorkshire.

Sales amounted to 3 million in 2017 along with the company continues to grow staff numbers from five in 2014 to 45 this holiday season.

Based for the success of Panoramic Doors USA, Panoramic Doors (UK) Ltd was made to expand operations and distribution over the UK.

Finance Sirector Sharon Rees said: “The loan from Finance Yorkshire came in a crucial point for Panoramic.

“Industrial unit stock within the size and location required what food was in short supply at the moment and without having the funds the possibility would certainly happen to be missed.

“The go on to larger premises enabled us to scale up and make this business and tackle more employees.”

Panoramic’s folding door system uses its patented Magnaline hardware which eliminates the requirement of hinges, bolts and locks, reducing manufacturing costs and defining it as less expensive.

“The core procedures for manufacturing including your own powder coating plant are generally housed inside new Sheffield premises – self-sufficiency is key for the success of Panoramic Doors,” said Ms Rees.

As along with targeting more trade customers in 2018, Panoramic Doors (UK) is developing brand new products such as a new window system and fly screen due to its doors.

Alex McWhirter, chief executive of Finance Yorkshire, said: “The team at Panoramic Doors (UK) has in a very relatively short time established a prosperous business, creating valuable jobs while in the Yorkshire region.

“Finance Yorkshire supported the corporation to use ambition growing and we’re glad to start to see the company getting yourself ready further growth through new opportunities they have identified specially in the trade sector.”


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