Gomoaba Nana Apata Kofi V, Guantoahene on the Gomoa-Ajumako Traditional Area, has advocated with the enactment of an law that is going to compel insurance vendors to tow abandoned vehicles around the highways within three hours following breakdown.

At a press briefing at Gomoa Pomadze, he welcomed the suspension from the new towing levies proclaiming that something concrete should, however, be achieved early to curb the carnage on the roads caused by abandoned vehicles.

Gomoaba Apata Kofi said the enactment for these a law would save the insurance companies from paying huge insurance says he will victims of road accidents the result of abandoned vehicles.

He admitted that even though enforcement of your law definitely attract an extra premium payable by drivers, it’d help relieve the costa rica government plus the nation the uproar concerning the introduction on the towing levy.

He suggested that vehicle insurance groups could amend and conveniently introduce “special vehicle towing fees” through their respective comprehensive insurance policies, as opposed to alternative party system.

Gomoaba Apata Kofi said insurance vendors could form an exclusive vehicle towing company, in collaboration with individual towing companies, in order that converted vehicles were swiftly removed to prevent accidents.

He said numerous road accidents, in recent years, could be attributed to a variety of curves within the highways and appealed to government entities to make sure that contractors executed their job without the sharp and dangerous curves to safeguard lives.


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