NEW YORK — New York’s attorney general sued President Trump with his fantastic foundation yesterday, accusing him of illegally utilizing the charity’s money to settle disputes involving his business empire as well as promote his political fortunes throughout his run for the White House.

The president blasted the fact as politically motivated.

The lawsuit seeks $2.8 million in restitution, additional unspecified penalties and the dissolution within the foundation, which Trump had already pledged to dismantle.

The attorney general’s two-year investigation detailed precisely what it said would have been a closely coordinated effort between Trump’s campaign and also the foundation to burnish his political image by providing out big grants of other’s people money to veterans’ organizations while in the run-up to your Iowa caucuses, the 1st presidential nominating contest of 2016.

“The foundation’s grants made Mr. Trump and the campaign look charitable and increased the candidate’s profile to Republican primary voters using one of important constituent groups,” Democratic Attorney General Barbara Underwood’s lawsuit said.

It accused the cornerstone of “improper and extensive political activity, repeated and willful self-dealing transactions, and failure that you follow basic fiduciary obligations.”

Underwood referred her findings towards the IRS as well as Federal Election Commission for possible further action. IRS and FEC representatives declined to comment.

In some tweets, Trump known as case “ridiculous.”

“I won’t settle this situation!” he wrote.

The 31-year-old foundation declared that it’s given in excess of $19 million to charitable causes while expenses minimal, and that Trump along with his companies have contributed over $8 million.

“This really is politics at its very worst,” the charity said in the statement, noting that the former Ny attorney general who began the analysis, Democrat Eric Schneiderman, had been a vocal Trump opponent.

Schneiderman resigned last month after he was accused of physically abusing women he dated; he denied the allegations. Trump’s tweets also pointed to Schneiderman’s resignation with the exceptional support for Trump’s 2016 Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Clinton.

Schneiderman “didn’t have the very center to create this ridiculous case, which lingered with their office for up to Couple of years,” Trump wrote. “His disciples brought it when you will not settle.”

Underwood is a career government lawyer who has been appointed after Schneiderman’s resignation. My wife said she doesn’t prefer to run for election.

Schneiderman started investigating the charity and ordered it to end fundraising in New york city in 2016.

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