Exhibition stand specialist beMatrix has appointed Yorkshire-based Leach since its preferred fabric graphics production partner for your UK.

The Belgian-owned events giant launched the industry’s first customisable, reusable and tool-less frame system way back in 1993. And almost 25 years later, the product moved on be sold by using a international network spanning Europe, the united states and Asia.

But because the team ready for further penetration of the UK market, they sought a good fabric graphics partner that might help bring their stands to life. The search stopped at Huddersfield-based Leach.

beMatrix’s UK MD Antony Burton said: “The build of exhibition stands is normally fraught with stress, risk and cost, for experienced contractors. I thought this was the explanation for people like us creating our modular stand system. It is simple to erect, not forgetting adaptable and reusable. This longevity maximises stand builders’ roi, in particular when as opposed to typical wooden stand structures that happen to be usually dumped after every event.

“But fabric graphics are nevertheless required for every show, and, recognising until this is surely an incredibly specialist section of print production, we have now always sought expert partners to the picture. While we ready for rise in united kingdom, Leach was clearly the perfect fit.”

The new collaboration means that stand builders can procure fabric graphics as full off quality because frame system itself.

Richard Leach. MD on the fourth?generation family business, said: “It is unfortunately widely acknowledged in the events industry that 50% of material graphic installations fail first time. Disappointing colour reproduction, damaged ink, poorly-sized fabrics and incorrect material choice are some of the perceived risks. Yet it is not the content graphics themselves that are guilty C these failings arise if they are not produced properly.

“When executed professionally, however, such graphics produce a modern, seamless and crease-free solution, with unparalleled photographic quality and illumination capabilities. They are also proven and cost-effective to place, which enhances the ‘business case’.

“By working closely with beMatrix we are able to therefore ensure clients experience maximum ROI C as an alternative to headaches C on the fabric graphic stands the customers demand.”

Already a well-known name in the retail, exhibition and brand environments, Leach is targeting a 25% rise in fabric graphic production on the pick up.


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