The Trades Union Congress of Ghana (TUC) has thrown its support behind the need for public sector workers for the payment of Tier-2 Pension Scheme by government in an effort to avert an intended indefinite strike.

In a meeting with all the Ghana News Agency on Friday, Mr Joshua Ansah, the Acting Secretary General with the TUC, said the government must focus on the cry of your workers and fulfil the requirements to avert any repercussions it would lead to the nation’s economy.

Mr Ansah said the Union supported the statement because of the group and called around the government to cover the monies towards various schemes as demanded saying’; “these are our members and then we cannot permit them to fight alone”.

Twelve public sector labour unions threatened to start on an imprecise strike on September 29, this holiday season to protest government’s strategy for handling their tier-2 pension contributions.

They demanded the change in their pension contributions from 2010 to 2016 on their custodian banks in lieu of being residing in a short-term pension account, which yielded no interests.

Section 218 in the National Pensions Act, 2008 (Act 766), requested with the establishment on the Temporary Pension Fund Account (TPFA) using the Bank of Ghana as being a transitional arrangement pending the licensing of trustees along with the registration of other companies and schemes into which Tier two contributions will be placed.

The authority was subsequently expected to transfer all contributions, including returns, to their respective approved schemeswithin 90 days as soon as the licensing for these entities.

However, the lack from the authority fully, fulfil the request, specifically public sector workers, has created some doubts whether the bucks is in existence or you cannot.

The Unions making the demand include: the Civil and native Government Staff Association of Ghana, the Ghana National Association of Teachers, the Teachers and academic Workers Union, as well as National Association of Graduate Teachers.

Others could be the Ghana Medical Association, the Ghana Physician Assistant Association, the us govenment Hospital Pharmacists Association, the Ghana Association of Certified Registered Nurses and also the Ghana Association of Certified Registered Anaesthetics.

The rest are definitely the Coalition of Concerned Teachers and also the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana.


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