The Association of non-public Health Insurers, Ghana, has announced a rise actuarially determined base premium of GH1000 to become applicable to every one the minimum plans proposed by members.

Mr Roland Oppong Adom, the President of your Association, speaking with a press conference said it would be to help the Association afford the current and escalating healthcare service agency tariffs and assure sustainability.

He said the actuarial analysis of healthcare claims cost against premiums demonstrated that private health care insurance companies wasn’t sustainable if actions has not been taken.

He said the trucker on the economy was the human resource of the nation and thus, the healthcare needs from the citizens would not and should not be compromised.

Mr Oppong said the years have come for a change in the perception towards health care bills, adding that “healthcare charge a small fee and has to get paid for, if we are to get affordability.”

The President said the Association had identified malaria, pregnancy related attendance and upper respiratory infections as the major drivers of claims cost possesses introduced measures including waiting periods and sub-limits for pre-existing conditions and surgeries.

Other measures are health promotion and education of insured members and the public to lower incidence of malaria and upper respiratory infections and client contractors can absolutely be updated with utilisation control threshold of 80 percent.

He said the thought of co-payment has become introduced for clients, who wants to use expensive facilities, where for every single visit; the member pays a previously agreed portion of the fee per visit right to the doctor.

He said the Association was wanting to engage continually with healthcare repair shops on tariff negotiation and greatest practices from the treatment protocols.

He, therefore, commended the nation’s Medical health insurance Authority regarding their recent reforms and implored all providers being credentialed by way of the Authority as needed legally.


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