The Ghana Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission has encouraged mail providers to contemplate insuring their property and cargoes to alleviate the effect of losses in disasters.

This advice was presented with when the Regulatory Commission visited some mail providers surrounding the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Avenor, and Abossey Okai, have been impacted by the June 3 floods, in Accra.

The visit stated that for the majority of from the insurers the parcels for their custody, which are destroyed during the flood are not covered with insurance policies.

Mr Isaac Annan Riverson, the acting Executive Secretary of the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission, said hello was very important to mail operators to have insurance packages that will help cushion them within the of disasters.

He also encouraged the public who had lost parcels mainly because of the floods to exercise patience while using the companies.

Mr Eric Obeng Wiafe, their heads of Courier Service, Intercity STC Package Express, explained that your company also lost a substantial quantity of parcels while in the June 3, flood since the store for any parcels was loaded with water to the level around one meter away deep.

He said send out insurance coverage covered only goods while in transit; explaining, “We have, therefore, contacted the affected customers with operational empathy talk to them about the loss, which we classified, as an “Act of God.”

When the Regulatory Commission visited the VIPex Parcel Services, (VIP) at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, the parcels officers stated that some goods were lost on the flood.

They comprised?of mostly cellular phones and their accessories, estimated at GH?50,000, and also some food stuffs and drugs.

Chisco Transport Nigeria Express (CTN), which offers courier services between Nigeria and Ghana, also lost many goods.

The company’s store room was brimming with water.

Mr Emmanuel Agbom, a parcels officer with the company, said they’d coverage by using a Nigerian insurance company together with a Ghanaian company in addition, but he cannot provide details, stating that the treating the firm would take a look at compensation issues.

The Accra-Kumasi Highway Express, the worst affected operator, lost many customers’ parcels, including passports, when its office was flooded to a depth near six feet.

Speaking with respect to the firm, Mr Ortis Wadie said the firm encountered some difficulties while looking for insured, with insurance vendors demanding that each vehicles utilised by the organization be insured first.

He stated how the National Insurance Commission was not wanting to insure companies next to the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, up until the ongoing road works were complete a result of the risk.

The OA Travel and Tours located at Avenor said it also recorded losses inside the floods, but had insurance to relieve the loss.


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