The Health insurance coverage Companies Association of Ghana (HISPAG), has threatened to go back to the bucks and carry system when the National Medical insurance Scheme (NHIS) claims of members were not paid in their eyes next 8 weeks.

Speaking at a press conference organized because of the group in Bolgatanga, the President from the Association, Dr Francis Asaana, said the ritual delay in payment of the claims by way of the National Insurance coverage Authority (NHIA) was seriously undermining quality healthcare service delivery.

According on the group, members had this coming year received payment only for February, and the continued to compromise quality healthcare delivery, since they owed lots of pharmaceutical companies who are don’t prepared supply drugs on credit.

“We in the community have given them additional a couple of months period after their mandatory three (3) months, and after that if claims will not be paid, we shall make sure they know and quit accepting NHIS cards in our facilities,” obama warned.

Dr Asaana who revealed that the delay of payment sometimes lasted between six to nine months, proposed that as an alternative to depositing levied funds within the NHIS in the Consolidated Fund, it deposited during the National Medical care insurance Fund down to the Act, to really succeed for payment.

The Association also demanded evaluation the drug tariffs as over 50 per-cent in the prices of medicine around the scheme list was in the lowest market prices.

He said: “This is ridiculous operating terms, but it is the sad reality with NHIA who controls all in its bosom. This affects agencies negatively and in case not addressed immediately, we risk getting cheaper but fake drugs within the system to jeopardize the fitness of our people.

We have because of the scheme about?September 30 to come out having a realistic drug tariff, else am certain that compelled to try and do co-payment with the drugs by?October 1, 2015.”

Dr Asaana said despite several appeals at meetings, the drug tariffs hasn’t been reviewed upwards since July 2014.

The group also expressed worry about period of time service tariffs and additional called on actors to set a grip the implementation of the capitation grant in health facilities in the community, stressing which the concept collapsed about 40 percent of private health facilities from the Ashanti Region, where it was piloted.


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