Mr Collins Ntim, the Member of Parliament for Offinso South, has urged the Government to take alternative methods to close the financing gap during the budget from the National Medical health insurance Scheme (NHIS).

“As we speak, on this year’s budget alone, there is all around a GHC500 million gap,” Mr Ntim said adding there was really a desire for a presidential or cabinet decision and also the political deal with address areas from the scheme.

The system, he explained, was virtually dying, with serious repercussions for poor patients, while health institutions were gradually adopting a disguised or plain ‘cash and carry’ system, because the delay or non-payment of insurance coverage claims from the National Medical insurance Authority (NHIA) .

Mr Collins Ntim said this inside an interview while using the Ghana News Agency.

He expressed regret that the inability with the NHIA to cover claims in time was prompting health institutions and repair providers to adopt a ‘cash and carry’ system whiles some were even turning patients away.

Mr Ntim, that’s even the Ranking Person in the Select Committee on Health, said the Committee anticipated to soon match the sector Minister for the appraisal over the existing financing gap.

He said the latest proposal of an additional 2.5 per cent in the Vat (VAT) should be ceded for the scheme, although the current one per-cent VAT contribution needs to be increased.

Mr Ntim said additionally, one percent in the Infrastructure Fund should be ceded to assist the National Health care insurance Levy, and recommended? a self-introspection of the NHIA to check out the best way to prioritise operations in claims management.

He said today’s development and investment into health infrastructure was good but wondered what benefits the people would derive, whenever they cant be found maintained in these buildings for lack of money for health care.


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