More financial resources are available today to UK businesses perfecting projects to produce new or novel products, processes and services. Innovate UK would be to invest a further 4 million included in the open competition, bringing the total amount of funding around 19 million.

In this competition we are seeking innovative ideas across a selection of technology and business areas, including art and design, media and creative industries, as well as science.

Projects ought to be disruptive and significantly dissimilar to anything that’s already that can be purchased maybe in development. They might range from short feasibility studies to longer industrial research or experimental development projects.

Importantly, in completing the project you need to have the opportunity for it to generate commercial or economic growth.

The competition application deadline is 9 May 2018. Business could work on the project alone possibly collaboration with organisations or researchers. Projects can vary in proportion between 25,000 and 1 million and last between A few months a few years.


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