The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) in Upper West Region has proposed a 3.5 per-cent surge in the nation’s Insurance coverage Levy.

This, it said, would help to improve the position with the scheme for quality health delivery.

The government has pegged the levy at 2.5 per-cent.

Mr Abass Suleymana, the Regional NHIA Director, told the Ghana News Agency that this upward adjustment would guarantee financial sustainability from the scheme.

The scheme currently is experiencing delays in reimbursement of service providers because of huge volumes and values of claim, inadequate resources and logistics.

There is likewise the added problem of very high cost of medicines.

Mr. Suleymana said despite the challenges, the NHIA would ensure efficient operation through the introduction of innovative measures.

It is at line using this type of the Authority was exploring additional funding streams, alongside the digitization of membership registrations and renewals together with nationwide rollout of e-claim.

They were also strengthening quality assurance and financial auditing for improved accountability and also the overview of the existing law for stiffer sanctions to cut back fraud and abuse.


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