Alhaji Ali Muhammad Katu, Gm of Ghana Agricultural Insurance Pool (GAIP), on Monday called over the government to consider steps to urgently institute a Ghana Agriculture Insurance policies to guard costs of farmers and build confidence in the sector.
He explained that a real policy would transform the sector, motivate banking institutions to lend loans to farmers and have more individuals to enter in the agricultural sector.
“One of the challenges of small holder farmers could be the insufficient the means to access credit if it comes with an insurance, it will eventually encourage banks to grant loans to farmers to go into production considering that the chance a farmer not servicing that loan on account of drought, will likely be less because the insurance.
“Such moving will build strong resilient to soak up shocks, ensure food security, transform agriculture, attract young graduate into agriculture.
“A study has stated most of the folks the sector were old and also this trend should be reversed,” he noted.
Alhaji Katu made the decision on a brief ceremony to present a cheque of GH


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