The U.S. Supreme court struck down component of a California law, ending a requisite that anti-abortion pregnancy centers must inform women about all their options, including birth control method and abortion.

The California law, referred to as the Reproductive FACT Act, required centers which might be licensed because of the state to share with clients with regards to the option contraception, abortion and prenatal care since it entered effect in 2016.

Centers that happen to be unlicensed was required to post an illustration with the same information. The court struck down that portion of the law in addition.

“Definitely we applaud the last Court’s decision, which protects First Amendment rights and allows pregnancy health centers to go on providing valuable services to expectant women,” said Sara Loy, executive director of Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices.

Abortion-rights advocates blasted it.

“An ideologically and closely divided U.S. Supreme Court gave fake women’s health centers a free of charge pass to keep at it deceiving women who are pregnant,” NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Executive Director Rebecca Hart Holder said. “Although lies and deception used against women are really real, five Justices — including Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s justice merely hand-picked by his anti-choice allies — still refused to end the lies.”

The centers argued they had been designated and compelled to generate a message through which they disagreed.

The Supreme Court said legal requirements probably violates the Constitution. The 5-4 ruling also cast doubt on similar laws in Hawaii and Illinois.

“Let’s be clear — fake women’s health centers are deceptive and detrimental to women, full stop. Nothing with this decision suggests otherwise,” said Dawn Laguens, executive second in command of Planned Parenthood. “Fake women’s health centers are lying to women, withholding medical information, and creating barriers to medical.”

Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life, the world’s largest annual anti-abortion demonstration, argued that “advertising or promoting” abortion contradicts the reason pregnancy care centers exist.

“The govt is without business compelling these centers to be effective against their life-affirming mission, violating their First Amendment right to freedom of expression,” Mancini said. “We applaud the Supreme Court for preserving these centers’ free-speech right.”

Justice Clarence Thomas said within his majority opinion the centers “are likely to succeed” for their constitutional challenge towards the law.

Justice Stephen Breyer, writing for four liberal dissenters, said one of the reasons the law need to be upheld is always that the high court has previously upheld state laws requiring doctors to inform women seeking abortions about adoption services. “Of course, legal requirements need to be evenhanded,” Breyer said.

“It’s an extremely personal decision — each lady is required to weigh the pros and cons of three options and also to make this happen they ought to figure out what their options are and where for the help,” Director of Full Circle Adoptions Molly Reynolds said. “I definitely don’t feel like this is a good thing for females.”

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