Zenith Bank Ghana Limited, one of the more reputable and innovative banks in Ghana, and Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, one of the main insurers near you, have entered a long-term partnership.

They have subsequently launched four innovative Bancassurance solutions to protect Ghanaians, namely the Zenith Life, Education, Farewell and Hospital Cash Plans.

A Statement issued in Accra by both companies said the launch would enable Zenith Bank’s people to buy Prudential’s premium quality and innovative insurance products from the bank’s 36 business locations in the united states.

It said the launch follows Prudential Group’s purchasing a big part stake in Zenith Lifetime of Nigeria and an exclusive Bancassurance partnership with Zenith Bank Nigeria in July 2017.

The Zenith Life Plan is a manuscript income protection product in Ghana with unlimited cover, guaranteeing 100 per-cent reimbursement of all premiums if customers outlive the idea of of the policy without making a claim.

“Cover can be transport to only GH29 every month for between 5 and 52 years. The Zenith Life Plan also covers 10 critical illnesses and entitles customers to progressive free annual health check,” it said.

It said the Zenith Education Plan enables parents in order to save for school or university fees and they also could save under GH50 per month for between 8 and Quarter of a century.

The statement said the peace of mind supplied by this plan was the continuous payment of premium on the part of parents in the event of death or permanent disability also it was on the list of only education plans in Ghana to incorporate a unique 4 per cent bonus, which had been awarded to oldsters at maturity on the policy.

The Zenith Farewell Plan provides protection about the financial pressures that is included in funeral expenses following a critical death as well as the Plan can be purchased in two options C Classic and Premier.

It said customers could pay as few as GH20 per month to acquire a cash as high as GH20,000 for any Classic and GH50,000 for the Premier.

“The Farewell Plans use a unique ‘Never Lapse’ feature which guarantees policy holders their benefits over the policy’s term no matter missed premium payments,” it added.

The Zenith Hospital Cash Plan, is among the most first in Ghana, providing financial support to customers that are suffering a income loss as a result of hospitalization. Customers pays about GH15 per 30 days to obtain nearly GH200 daily after being hospitalised.

“Customers may also be handed a 25 % refund each time a claim isn’t suitable for two consecutive years,” it said.

Mr Henry Oroh, Managing Director of Zenith Bank, said: “We are delighted to be launching these amazing insurance coverage solutions with one of earth’s leading life cover companies.”

He said delivering desirable services and products for their customers what food was in and also the of the success and “this partnership offers our customers the best way to buy a multitude of innovative insurance goods that would help them live the best daily life by planning adequately for life’s uncertainties. High quality to dealing with Prudential covering the long term since we grow our insurance portfolio.”

Mr Emmanuel Aryee, Chief Executive of Prudential Ghana, said: “Our partnership with Zenith Bank will prove to add to the growth we now have already achieved and leads us even closer our objective of becoming the actual insurer of choice for Ghanaians.”

“We are proud to partner with Zenith Bank, certainly one of Ghana’s leading banks, therefore we enjoy helping its customers insurance policy for the future with innovative insurance products,” he added.


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