The National Health care insurance Authority (NHIA) says the more Accra Region exceeded its premium collection target of GH6 million for 2015 after officials introduced innovative means to woo more beneficiaries.

The Region raked inside of GH9 million that is over the expected GH6 million mark the Authority seeking itself in the past year, Mr Lawrence Amartey, the Regional Director within the NHIA, said.

Addressing officials in the Authority from 14 districts in the community at the 2015 annual performance review meeting, Mr Amartey said its membership mobilisation target of merely one.3 million seemed to be surpassed one.5 million.

The meeting combined members to adopt stock of activities pursued during the year and also to fashion out new targets and approaches towards better performance for improved healthcare service delivery to clients.

Mr Amartey attributed the success to increased campaigns and ground-breaking actions initiated by staff and management to bridge the knowledge gap between clients and officers.

“Greater Accra hopes to be efficient, we need to ensure efficient financial management, transparency and good governance, we adopted innovative ways to register people,” he said.

“We intensified our monitoring efforts, we done campaigns at lorry parks and market places and now we visited homes simply to get several people as we can,” he said.

Representatives from the 14 districts took turns to present their achievements, outlined several concerns undermining the sleek operation on the insurance scheme, and urged management for taking urgent steps to reverse those challenges.

They said a few of the difficulties include acute staff shortage, deficiency of furniture, broken-down biometric registration machines and printers, lack of security personnel to man the offices, loss of cleaners and unavailability of transport.


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