Dr. Abdulai Tinorgah, an ancient Director-General within the Ghana Health Service (GHS), has urged the plan to maximize all donor financial inflows to cope with the financial challenges in the National Insurance coverage Scheme (NHIS) to hurry on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

He said unimpeded universal having access to total wellbeing care has become the initiatives earmarked in today’s year and beyond to hurry up getting the MDGs, and therefore, financial constraint have been identified as an important keep affecting the momentum in the process.

Dr Tinorgah was addressing a four-day Family Health Division Annual Review Conference in Kumasi held beneath the theme “Attaining this Related MDGs, the journey so far”.

The event directed at sharing tips, learning lessons, setting targets and drawing intentions to achieve such targets.

Speaking on the stock market “Ghana’s progress towards having this MDGs-successes, failures and the post MDG agenda”, he stated, systematic work at broader resource, coordination, and providing space to your multiple partners is usually critical.

He stressed the necessity for serious and sustained efforts to significantly upgrade the proportions of health facilities to offer life-saving interventions and a effective referral system.

Dr. Patrick Aboagye, Director, Family Health Division, stressed the desire to strengthen primary medical care, improve quality and adopt strategies that might enhance the capacity, for example task sharing?among dwindling resources.

He said important successes were chalked during under review in terms of outcomes were concerned and this also has received some hope.

He said infant, child and under-five mortalities decreased, whilst neonatal mortality remained unchanged, with contraceptive use increasing from 17 per cent in 2008 to 22 % in 2014.

Family Planning (FP) acceptors rate also improved, while maternal deaths recorded a decrease, he added.


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