Roquette, a provider of plant-based ingredients for food along with other industrial sectors in the UK, has announced proposals to cease all manufacturing activities and turn off its production plant in Corby after 2021.

Despite efforts to maintain a profitable operation and enhance the efficiency of the plant, the Roquette Group considers the financial results in recent years haven't made the operation in Corby financially viable. 

“It is with deep regret that people must announce the launch of the consultation. This has not been undertaken lightly and we understand how unsettling today’s announcement will be,said Phillip Wells, the plant manager in Corby.

“We understand the impact that this proposal would have on our employees, wider supplier base and the local community. We are committed to working closely with all stakeholders to meet our obligations and to treat our colleagues, counterparts and partners fairly and respectfully throughout this difficult time.”

It is proposed that the Corby plant would cease manufacturing activities after 2021. Until then the supply of products and services to UK customers would stay the same.

Further to that, it is envisaged supplying and technical support to the UK market would be provided through imports from other plants of the Group to ensure continuation of supply based on revised agreements. 

The closure would affect the vast majority of Roquette’s workforce of 135 employees.


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