Many Americans are finding themselves in more than average financial strain nowadays. With the unprecedented spreading of the COVID-19 virus, thousands of employers have been forced to downsize or even close up shop due to the unexpected loss of business which was brought on by the pandemic. Because of this, American workers in Arizona happen to be forced to look into unemployment benefits as a way to get by while waiting for the following work opportunity. If you are a resident of Arizona looking for information on how to apply for unemployment benefits, you've come to the right place. We've listed valuable tips to get you the help you need as quickly as possible. Whether you've recently been affected with or through the coronavirus outbreak, these are the information you may require your benefits. However, the advantages are not limited to those affected by the virus. If you've experienced work loss for just about any other reason, you'll also find information here that can assist you with the unemployment process. Due to the influx of applications due to the massive state-wide work loss in the last few weeks, you might experience longer than average wait times when you are looking at the application process itself and receiving your benefits.

State and Federal Aid

The Arizona Department of monetary Security or DES may be the state department that handles all unemployment applications. On a normal basis, the DES provides as much as $240 per individual for up to 26 weeks like a supplement to income lost without any fault. That amount is given as a weekly stipend as long as the beneficiary is constantly on the search for employment during the time period.

If you suffered a loss of work because of the virus, you need to know that Congress passed the CARES Act on March 27, 2021. CARES are a symbol of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security, and it was signed into law to safeguard American families and workers. The $2 trillion stimulus bundle offers states including Arizona an expansion on already established unemployment benefits to further help workers who have lost their jobs during this crisis. It also includes an economic payment directly to all families and individuals that fall under the requirements.

Ways to Apply

To receive unemployment benefits in Arizona during this time, you can apply by 1 of 3 ways: by paper, by telephone, or through the online application process. As with any other paper processes, the application will take longer if completed on paper. If you wish to fill out a hard copy, you can visit the employment section through www.azdes.govto print the proper document, which is UB-105 Arizona Initial Claim for Unemployment Insurance. There are also the application ready for printing here. Otherwise, you are able to apply by phone at (877) 600-2722. The telephone application system is available Monday through Friday from 7am until 6pm.

While submitting claims through the mail or phone might be convenient for some, it's a smart idea to fill out an online application therefore the state can receive it faster. The DES recommends that individuals apply for unemployment as soon as possible-even other family members . of employment. Waiting to use can prolong the time that you should receive your benefits, or additionally, it may affect your eligibility status.

What You Need to Apply

There are a few things you'll have to gather before beginning an application whether by mail, by telephone, or online.

To confirm your identity, you'll need the following:

  • Arizona Driver's License or Arizona State ID
  • Current mailing address and county of residence
  • Social Security Number or Alien Registration Number

You'll should also list your employment history for the last 18 months. You'll need to have your previous employer's name and contact information including their current mailing address and phone number. If you've had more than one employer within that time frame, you'll need to list every other employers as well. Make sure that you possess the correct date of the last day you worked, because this will be require on your application. You'll also need to have any financial information including but not limited to the amount of your salary and wages; unused sick, holiday, and vacation pay; and payments for severance, if any. Make sure to mark the dates for all those if applicable.

The following are also information that may or might not be applicable to you:

  • Union hall information such as name and number, if applicable
  • DD Form 214 Copy #4, if released in the military in the last 18 months
  • SF 8 or SF 50, if employed in the Federal Civilian service in the last 18 months
  • Monthly pension payment amounts and start date (excluding Social Security)

Claimants who are seeking or are receiving unemployment benefits have to file their claims weekly. This is applicable to individuals that have an application still pending in the system. The easiest way to do this is through the online system, which is offered by midnight every Sunday until 6pm every Friday.

After You Apply

Upon submitting your completed application, additionally, you will be required by the state of Arizona to actively look for employment. Your application for unemployment benefits automatically registers you for that Arizona Job Connection, the state's largest employment database. Through this website, you can easily create an updated resume to check out jobs. You can easily get matched within a company hiring for your qualifications.

DES is doing its best to accommodate to individuals during these difficult times. The department happens to be working with their federal partners in order to review and properly enact the CARES Act, that is expected to impact the eligibility requirements and benefit amounts for claimants. As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, make sure to keep checking the DES website for updated information.


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