Tracsis, the Leeds-based provider of software and services with the traffic data and transportation industry, has acquired Travel Compensation Services (TCS), Delay Repay Sniper (DRS) and S Dalby Consulting (the holding company of TCS).

TCS can be a software provider of enterprise delay repay solutions to united kingdom Rail Industry. The business enterprise has developed novel technology that allows train operators to automatically process large volumes of consumer claims due to rail delays and in accomplishing this lower the transactional costs involved whilst increasing response times and helping eliminate fraud.

The good things about the rail industry are significant and this short space of time TCS has recently secured several major TOC customers.

The UK delay repay companies are increasingly topical to cart groups, rail passengers and regulatory bodies and there is increasing consumer awareness set against a backdrop of rising rail fares.

The delay repay scheme functions to allow rail passengers to reclaim nearly 100% of ticket values originating from a train operator as well as delayed something is. Lately a corner office burden on transport operators is important as current methods for managing claims are largely manual.

This has inevitably concluded in slow response times, incorrect refunds, and also a material experience with consumer fraud.

The TCS and DRS offerings are highly complementary to Tracsis’ rail offering and will bring substantial cost good things about our TOC customer whilst also improving customer service.

The Directors of Tracsis believe the foreign exchange market is defined for significant increase in the years ahead.

Based in Chelmsford, TCS and DRS employ nine members of staff, all of whom will always be while using the business post transaction.

In the year ended 30 September 2017, TCS and DRS generated revenue of 700,000 plus a profit before tax of 300,000.

Under the terms of the acquisition we have a 3 year earn out period when Tracsis expect both businesses to achieve significant growth.

John McArthur, Tracsis CEO, said: ?“We are happy to have completed these further acquisitions, which continues our proven technique of acquiring well run, profitable technology businesses throughout the transport and traffic sector.

“Both TCS and DRS have excellent product offerings and superb customer service levels whilst offering significant risk of future growth. We welcome both TCS and DRS towards the broader Tracsis Group.”


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