Health Minister Dr Kwaku Agyemang-Mensah has projected a widening financing gap between your National Medical health insurance Levy (NHIL) and the National Medical health insurance Scheme (NHIS).

He said the NHIL allocation to your NHIS, over the past three years, continues to miss the expenditure requirement of the scheme.

“The funding gap trends shows a gap of GH 144.74 million next year, GH 118 million in 2013 and GH299.18 million in 2014,” the Minister said on Thursday on the surface of Parliament when he briefed members to the status on the scheme.

His statement was a student in fulfillment to some plea obtain serious amounts of reconcile all figures and information within the NHIS and come back in offer the appropriate figures while he appeared prior to a House to reply questions in connection with the medical sector a fortnight ago.

According to the Minister, the scheme was likely be confronted with a funding gap much more than GH 299 million in 2014.

“If the financing regime isn’t reviewed to get more inflows, the funding gap is projected to raise from GH 347 million in 2015 to attain an estimated gap of GH 803 million in 2018.

“These estimates provide very moderate increases in NHIS membership of not more than one percentage point per year according to the national population,” Dr Agyemang-Mensah said.

On claims paid to this point, the Minister gave an amount of GH 761.25 million, which, he stated, represented 81 per-cent of total receipts for 2014. Claims to the months of June to October 2014 are estimated at GH 425 million remains outstanding.

The Minister said when using the increasing rise in membership and utilisation, the all inclusive costs of providing medical care for NHIS subscribers was growing faster versus annual financial resource allocation on the scheme which consists of consequent severe financial pressure.

Currently claims payment is within arrears associated with an average of 5 months in the united states.

Dr Agyemang-Mensah announced strategies the National Medical care insurance Authority to reduce abuse of your system and address the critical finances confronting the scheme to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

These include regular clinical audits in NHIS credentialed facilities to learn claims payment, establishment of claims processing centres, introduction associated with a consolidated premium account along with the establishment of electronic claims and processing regime for greater efficiency, speed and uniformity in claims management.

Introduced by way of the National Medical health insurance Law, Act 650 of 2003 and substituted with Act 852 of 2012, the NHIS contains the primary objective of providing financial risk protection for residents in america without paying cash on the reason for service delivery.


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