The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) launched its Biometric Terminal (BT) self-service point to allow clients to transact business with.

A SSNIT client which has a valid smart card can access personal information through the BT just like checking and updating personal data, renewal of pension certificate, viewing and printing statements, lodge complaints and enquiries and portal identity request.

However, only active members and pensioners who may have gone through the SSNIT biometric registration may benefit from the effective use of the BT.

Mr Ernest Thompson, Director General of SSNIT, speaking within the launch in Accra, said the BT was an icing of the the Trust had achieved with regard to technology.

The BT services can be purchased at any of the 19 BTs spread across 19 SSNIT branches over the country for instance Tema, Pension House, Adabraka, Korle-Bu, Legon, Cape Coast, Koforidua, Asafo and Adum in Kumasi, Sunyani, Ho, Tamale, Wa and Bolgatanga.

“For a person to safely move out from the convention being using a SSNIT staff to work with technology to self serve rocks !. I know the BT will blow the minds of our own customers additionally, the public,” he stated.

The Director-General noted the fact that SSNIT was to become model in social security administration the world over.

“SSNIT has year after year operated manually these days the terrain has evolved. Technology is driving the business of SSNIT,” he stated.

“It has produced me shudder with this particular likes to show off my team, Team SSNIT that’s brought this achievement to carry,” he added.

Mr Thompson said SSNIT had successfully registered above 1.5 million members biometrically.

“We realize that SSNIT is over 50 years old and has now volumes of administrative, files for payment of advantages, employer and members folders and numerous legacy files.

“All these happen to be scanned and digitised. That could be about 4.5 million folders and 80,000 paid files are already placed in a digital medium,” he said.

Mr Thompson said a state-of-the art contact centre ended up established with the office to get more detailed its customers everywhere in the nation and out of doors Ghana.

He said the Operational Business Centre Suite had also introduced other modules in contribution collection, registration, Relationship Channel Management, benefits, fraud and administration.

He said the Oracle Integrated System was propelling the human beings Resource, Procurement, Legal, Investment additionally, the Financial Management Systems.

“All these e-business suites will probably be facilitate the operations of your Trust and inure towards handling of Customer care. To crown it, customers can connect to the SSNIT Portal in the convenience their homes to find SSNIT on various issues,” he said.

Mr Thompson noted that Social Security weren’t just about money, but data on clients for correct remedy for records.

Mr Laud Senanu, Gm Operations at SSNIT said the Trust’s search to promote excellence and innovation had ended in the adoption in the BT services.


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